Final Farewell …

This is proving harder to write than I even imagined. It is with very bittersweet emotions that I announce Arrowood’s season has come to an end. After 30 summers in a row of being a part of Arrowood —including as a counselor, coach, co-director, and finally owner/director — we are closing down the courts, so to speak. Though I didn’t plan it this way, after two summers having to shut down camp due to Covid, thirty years seems like a nice round number, as well as a natural transition point.
I want to thank all of the incredible staff members who helped make Arrowood an amazing camp experience for thousands of campers over the years — thank you for your love of kids and passion for the game. YOU are the reason Arrowood was successful and lasted so many years.
Parents, I would like to thank you for your support over the decades. We heard from so many of you who reached out to share personal stories about your camper. You promoted Arrowood via word of mouth, you believed in our philosophy, and — most of all —trusted us with your children, which is the highest compliment.
Lastly, to all of the campers who slept through the heat, and played through the rain and/or slept through rain and played in the heat :), who survived the countless mosquitos, clapped a million “big claps”, feasted on legendary pumpkin bars, endured the occasional chippy in your bunkbed, and entertained our socks off every skit night ….a sincere thank you!! As we’ve always said, we hope you took away a few nuggets to help you become a better basketball player, but more importantly to us always, was that you took away some life lessons that made you a better human. After all, it’s not life that is all about sports, it’s sports that are all about life.
Best wishes to everyone in your pursuit of basketball excellence and on the journey of life.
Play hard, always have fun, and dream big! #Arrowood4Ever
Dee Dee

Inspiring Campers On & Off the Court for over 40 Years


There are so many factors that make Arrowood a truly unique experience from playing outdoors, to skit night, to the emphasis we put on cooperative learning activities which help campers learn problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills….and don’t forget the kayaking and swimming! At Arrowood our philosophy is that, “It’s not life that is all about sports, it is sports that are all about life.” The bottom line is we are in the business of helping campers improve as basketball players, but I am a big picture kind of person at heart and like to think we are helping campers improve as humans too.

So welcome to our website…come on in and take a look around. I hope we can provide answers to your questions and give you a good feel for life at Arrowood.

See you on the courts! ~ Dee Dee Deeken

It’s not life that is all about sports,
it’s sports that are all about life.