Coaches & Counselors

We’ve established Arrowood specifically to give campers the opportunity to develop the proper skills and fundamentals of basketball, while also providing a complete camp experience. We believe the best way to do this is to surround players with knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals who can effectively teach and communicate with young athletes. The Arrowood coaching staff consists of coaches from around the Twin Cities, many of whom have played and/or coached at the college level themselves. These individuals know firsthand exactly the skills young players need to be successful on the court, as well as the best ways to develop those skills.

Arrowood counselors include current college and high school players who stay in the rooms with the campers. We are very selective in the people we choose to work with your sons and daughters. The goal is to provide campers with positive role models, who have as much to offer campers off the court as they do on the court.