Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Attitude was the focus phrase of the day (ask your camper about the “I know there’s a pony in there somewhere” story and see if they can tell it to you!)  Mother Nature was super cooperative today…not a cloud in the sky for the entire day with a great breeze on the lakeside.  The votes are in and the verdict is clear:  the food at GLBC is UH -MAZING!!!  I even had my first taco in a bag yesterday, which Roxy promptly told the entire camp and I have received many “Congratulations on your first walking taco” comments from the campers! 😊

And we started the Quadathalon today.  Had to make a slight modification to the canoe portion of the quad due to windy conditions, so the campers learned how to portage a paddle board in their teams!

Tomorrow is skit night . . . already. Crazy. Sleep well, dream big #AW2019

AW Campers on the beach!
AW Swimmers
beach fun in the sun at arrowood basketball camp