Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes, Arrowood is a girls camp for ages 8-14. Team Marty!

  • Immediately upon registering for camp, you will receive an auto email from Arrowood Basketball camp letting you know that we received your registration. (Remember, you are not actually “registered” until we receive your deposit, which can be delayed if you are sending a registration or check in by mail.) The actual confirmation letter with details such as your balance due, whether or not we need your health history, time of arrival, etc. will be emailed (or mailed if that’s what you selected when you registered) in early May.

  • Arrowood CampersWe do our very best to place campers with the names that they entered in the “roommate preference” field on the registration form. Roommate combinations depend on factors such as; number of groups vs. individuals coming to camp, size of groups, age of campers, and number of beds available. While we cannot make any “guarantees” as far as roommates, we make every effort to accommodate requests.

  • **ARRIVAL: All campers should arrive between 4:30pm – 5:30pm on Sunday

    **DEPARTURE: The Awards Ceremony begins at NOON on Thursday; all campers should be picked up at 12:30pm. Thank you!

  • Arrowood is an outdoor camp, which means that all of our basketball is played on outdoor courts. In the event of inclement weather alternate activities will be provided; however, we do play our basketball outside to the extent possible.

  • Please review full pack list below.
    You can print a copy (PDF) by clicking the link: Camp Arrowood Pack List


    • sandals/flip flops
    • socks
    • basketball shoes
    • bug spray
    • sunscreen
    • pajamas
    • swimming suit
    • shorts
    • t-shirts
    • sweatpants
    • sweatshirt/jacket
    • bedding (sleeping bag/blanket, sheets, pillow)
    • soap/ shampoo (biodegradable if using in the lake)
    • towels/washcloth
    • toilet articles (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
    • bottled water (the camp does have water fountains and bottled water available in the canteen)


    • fan
    • flashlight
    • water bottle to take on the courts
    • alarm clock / watch


    • tank tops
    • canteen / merchandise money
    • disposable camera
    • cooler
    • snacks / treats

    Campers are discouraged from bringing cell phones.
    Please leave valuables at home.
    Arrowood is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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