Just Get Better!

I LOVE summer!!  There are so many things to love, right?  Warm weather, sunshine, Dairy Queen, long bike rides, flip flops, watermelon, the beach, staying up late, sleeping in, and basketball camp…those are just a few of my favorites.  When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go to camp!  Sure, the whole camp experience was fun and I enjoyed hangin’ out with my friends and feeling that sense of “being on my own” for a week.  But if I’m honest, I have to admit that I loved the competition and knowing that I was actively doing something to improve my skills as a basketball player. The desire to be a better ballhandler and a smarter passer, to be able to score from anywhere on the court, to be in better shape, to get quicker and stronger, to learn the nuances of the game — to be the best I could be– fueled me…. and basketball camp provided the spark that launched me into the rest of the summer with renewed dedication and determination to JUST GET BETTER.  When the first day of school comes around in the fall, and you look back over your summer, what will you have done to JUST GET BETTER?  I know a great place to start — nine days ’til Arrowood.  I LOVE summer!