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Boys Basketball Camp

For the first time ever, we are offering a week of Arrowood Basketball Camp for boys!

$425 – Early Bird Discount / register before April 1
$445 – Camp Fee
Family Discount – After 1st camper, every sibling gets $20 discount

Arrowood has provided a quality camp experience for thousands of young girls for over 45 years, helping them apply the lessons they learn on the court to real life and empowering them to become responsible and confident young women.  We want to utilize 45+ years of the successful Arrowood philosophy and offer your sons the same opportunity for personal growth and character development at our boys basketball camp. 

At its core, the philosophy is the same . . . it’s about teaching kids not only basketball skills, but life skills such as the value of hard work, respect, decision making, how to be a good leader, and how to compete and have fun at the same time. I have been an educator and coach combined for over 70 years and this is my 31st year at Arrowood (time flies when you are having fun) and these are the same values I try to instill in my students every day.

To direct the boys basketball camp, I have enlisted the expertise of two outstanding coaches, Matt Eppen and Dave Flom, who both have a reputation for success.  Arrowood is proud to have their endorsement!

2021 BOYS


4 Days, 4 Nights
Boys ages 8 to 14
$445 per camper

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Boys Basketball Camp - Arrowood - Spicer, MN